» » « Vulcanic ride » L’enduro trip sur l'île de La Palma (8 days)

« Vulcanic ride » L’enduro trip sur l'île de La Palma (8 days)


"Vulcanic ride" The Enduro trip on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands

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"Vulcanic ride" Enduro trip on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands


  "Vulcanic ride" Enduro trip on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands 


The island of La Palma appeared there three million years in the Atlantic Ocean off Morocco in the din of his early volcanoes. It is located in the northwestern part of the Canary archipelago.



It is sometimes called "the green island" or "beautiful island" because of its lush vegetation and the beauty of its natural setting;

The island of La Palma was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it has an area of just 708 km2. The island stretches for 45km from north to south and 28kms from the East to the West. Its highest summit is 2426m.



For five days we ride on the most beautiful trails to the four corners of the island that offer the volcanic landscapes of the most spectacular in the world. Gigantic calderas, lava flows, peaks, cliffs and canyons offer unforgettable rides.



We will taste the magic of riding above the clouds a feature of the islands of the archipelago often enveloped in a cloud crown at mid-height. very marked vegetation floors to the enormous botanical wealth of over 700 species, including 70 endemic.



We will take the mythical route of the volcanoes, cross the landscapes of flora composed of Cactus, multicolored flowers, heather arborescentes, endemic pine forests, ferns, not forgetting the "drago", a tree plant emblematic Canary that can be millennium and reach up 'To 20 meters of height!



In the shelter of mass tourism, this island with a unique starry sky, accompanied by a local gastronomy rich in flavors and colors, makes this small island a vast and contrasted world.


                                   Program of the stay



Day 1: Arrival of participants at the Palma airport

Transfer to the apartment installation, then assembly and preparations of bicycles. Breifing, chek material and presentation of the stay.



Day 2:   Diving on the West Coast +400 -3200m

After an hour by minibus, we will start from the highest peak of the island at 2400m altitude to reach a port on the west coast of the island. This sunny course offers a fairly long ride on a dry but rocky and receding ground. Several pins will spice up the ride and then after a succession of small lifts and descents we will attack a descent on the whole quite technical until the "Kiosque du Diable" or Mario who will cook us a fresh tuna perfect to attack the afternoon.



The next two specials will take place in a totally different atmosphere on the east side of the wetter island offering a denser vegetation and a sometimes slippery ride that will lead us to the apartments. Revision of the bikes and why not small plouf to relax.



Day 3: Natural Park of the "Cumbra Vieja" + 500m -1950m

After a minibus connection to the start, we will depart for a one-day ride of a part of the mythical volcano route. This youngest and volcanic portion of the Palma is also the most spectacular in the panorama.



We will ride on superb singles delimited by multiple rock of lava and after 45 minutes of pedaling then a few portages we will launch in a ridge of 1950m negative level on a soil sown decomposed debris, slag, porous and black lava, And all the volcanic debris along the craters of the volcanoes of Hoyo Negro, Duraznero or the volcano Martin ... The final can be a swim on the extreme south of the island before going to regain strength in a Small fishing restaurant of the most typical in a cove well hidden...





We finish the day with a fun run on a special mountain bike trail shaped by the locals and then becoming more technical by approaching a small bottleneck of more receding slag then finishing on a lava flow fairly freeride with the choices of multiple and varied trajectories ...



Day 4: Natural reserve "del Pinar de Garafa" + 50m -2300m

Transfer by minibus towards Pico de la Cruz and technical descent with tight and rocky pins towards the north, with spectacular panorama.



At this altitude, there may be some traces of snow ...



The next part is on a play trail where you will chain the pins in a tropical atmosphere ... Meals in a village on our road then we continue our descent in forest through a typical village of the island and cut off the world 18 inhabitants) and where the word serenity takes its full meaning ... Then we plunge on the sea on a rocky single of beauty to arrive in a small hamlet at the edge of the water ...



We will certainly meet the Raven of the Canaries, a little smaller than its European cousin but definitely less fierce not considering the man as a predator ...


Day 5: Fly over the natural park of la nieve by the road of the crests + 300m -2000m


The ultimate All Mountain course !! Accompanied by a few pedaling and portage portions allowing us to reach gigantic views and a superb single alternating climbs and descents in lava slag and overlooking the Caldera on its left side.



The suite is simply superb, a single fast with small technical passage and this above the sea of clouds. Then diving into the forest or waiting for a chase run on a single super player. Then a final in a humid and tropical atmosphere on a single with beautiful pins for an arrival in the old town of Santa Cruz de La Palma.



Day 6: A day of rest

To take advantage of the beach, go diving (45 €) trekking, jogging or go shopping in SantaCruz de La Palma or enjoy the swimming pool or a good massage (30 € / hour) Rent a car (28 € / day). In case of premature fatigue or very bad weather, this day can be moved and serve as a joker.



Day 7: Flying over the los Barrancos de las Angustias
+ 180m -2426m Distance: 18 kms


The longest descent of the Canaries !!



Transfer by minibus towards the highest peak of the island (2400m), this spectacular single track which starts along the National Park of La Caldera de Taburiente and then overlooks the protected landscape of the "Barranco de Las Angustias" will engage us on the most Long descent of the Canary Islands, three hours of "vulcanic riding"



The final dive on the sea by a vertiginous ancestral path encrusted with an incredible succession of pins and then will lead us to a beach well known Canariens and vacationers where we can make a splash ...



Day 8: Preparations for departure

Then swimming (depending on the various hours of takeoff) then transfers to the airport for the return to the "casa" the bronsage in addition and the head full of pictures ...



Rates based on the number of registrants
How it works? 
During your pre-registration, you pay a deposit of 300 €. If other participants subsequently register, when paying the total balance one month before departure we readjust your rate to the total number of registered participants as shown in the table below.. Your price can only be maintained or lowered. 
3 participants:       7 days / 6 nights           1190€ ttc pers
4 participants:       7 days / 6 nights            1090€ ttc pers
5 participants:       7 days / 6 nights             999€ ttc pers
6 participants:       7 days / 6 nights             949€ ttc pers 
7 participants:       7 days / 6 nights             899€ ttc pers  
Extra night with breakfast:                           35€ ttc pers                    
Enduro bike rental 7 days:                          200€ ttc pers



 Air ticket A / R: between 240 € and 380 € according to your anticipation
Starting from Barcelona (including 120 € A / R transport of your bike and transfer A / R Argelés-Barcelona + transfer hotel in La Palma by minibus). Inquire for rates from the airport closest to you. The earlier the tickets are booked, the less expensive they will be !! Duration of the direct flight 3h30. There is only one direct flight per week with Vueling.
Rental bike bag: 30 € ttc pers


Minimum level required:
Insider biker, you love driving. At ease on natural terrain, technical and sometimes trialising comparable to the red or black bike-park. You are able to roll 4 to 6 hours / day, several days in a row while maintaining a smug smile. You know how to slow yourself down if you're tired. You prefer the courses with the single, even on the climb, even if you want to get off the bike.
Accommodation: Accommodation in appart-hotel all comfort with swimming pool.



Portage and assistance :
A minibus with driver and a bike trailer will drop us at high altitude at the departure of the spots. Depending on the days and of the group one to four drops. Airport-hotel transfers are included.
Helmet with chin strap (rather removable), protective vest, elbow guards, knee pads and gloves required.
Consult the various articles in "infos" where you will find tips to prepare your stay well. (Making your backpack, my tools, choosing your tires, transporting your bike by plane, mountain biking)
The price includes:
The transport, accommodation in apart-hotel with breakfast, accompaniment and advice of a state-certified instructor, mechanical assistance, realization of souvenir pictures for each participant.
Rate does not include: 
Drinks and meals and all personal expenses, visits to cultural sites, mountain biking, individual technical equipment, snacks and food, travel to and from the residence, individual liability and repatriation insurance. And in a way all that is not stated in "the tariff includes".
Warning :
Stay from 3 people. Depending on availability, accommodation rates may vary, so it is important to book your stay in advance.


Registration form here



Vidéo Vulcanic riding with Bikehorizon 2016




Vidéo Vulcanic riding with Bikehorizon 2018




A little culture…

The first inhabitants of the island, the Benahoaritas arrived from North Africa around the year 1000 BC. At the end of the 15th century, the Spaniards landed at Tazacorte and colonized the Archipelago, which was officially ransacked to the crown of Castile in 1493.

It is also the time of the attacks of pirates and corsairs among which the French François Le Clercq, known as "pata de Palo" (leg of wood) which burned and sacked Santa Cruz de La Palma in 1553.

La Palma has 86,000 inhabitants, 10% of whom are foreigners. Its main source of income is agriculture, which is based in particular on banana cultivation, whose plantations now occupy 3000 hectares. Some 140,000 tonnes of bananas are exported each year.

Goat farming, the tobacco industry, the production of wine, citrus fruits and other tropical fruits also contribute to the economy of the island, which is beginning to turn to sectors such as tourism. Leaving aside the circuits of mass tourism, La Palma is committed to a sustainable approach based on respect for nature.

About 270000 people (40% foreigners and 60% Spanish) visit it every year.



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"Vulcanic ride" Enduro trip on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands

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