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All Mountain Menorca Baléares (6 days)
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All Mountain Menorca Baléares (6 days)
Raid All Mountain Balearic Islands Menorca
The Balearic Islands is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea off Valencia in Spain and comprises five main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Cabrera, Ibiza and Formentera.

In the summer, Menorca is a hot and dry island with dominant ocher colors. The contrast is striking when you see the lush greenery that covers the island the rest of the year.
The climate of Menorca is typically Mediterranean: warm, with dry summers and rainy winters with mild temperatures.
Why Menorca? The island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and is one of the last paradises of the Mediterranean. A great place for lovers of sport and nature

Menorca has 200 bird species and 1300 varieties of flowers and shrubs, of which 70 are endemic.
Menorca is the European country with the highest density of archaeological remains. They have listed about 200 prehistoric sites, making the island a veritable outdoor museum.

The island is suitable for mountain biking all year round but in the spring she radiates beauty when the color and the smell of flowers burst above the green grass coat offering tables of rare beauty. It is, without doubt, the best way to experience the great natural and cultural wealth of the island.

The course

This all-mountain raid roaming needs to be autonomy for 4 days; That is to say that all your business for 4 days should go in your bag. (See practical information)

This raid has 4 stages of 40 km for the shortest to the longest for 60kms.

+ The height difference is between 400m and 1020m for the biggest day and a total of 186 kms to an elevation of 2615m.

The distances and moderate altitude difference may seem easy but beware, it is a succession of ups and downs inducing a split effort, especially when trying to pass everything on the bike. The course also includes some small portages.

The itinerary may vary to suit the level of the group and the weather.

Keep in mind that some sections are not bike if you do not have a good technical level. Through ravines, valleys, rivers, wetlands, hills and rocky passages.

The program…

Day 1, Departure flight: For the relatives clients, we will Argelés-airport transfer van in Barcelona; For others, book a ticket to Menorca be the day before departure in the evening. On arrival at Minorca airport, you have to reach the hotel by bus, or we will find you to mount bicycles (see practical information), the meal and bedtime. For this evening, you discover the beautiful city of Mahon with its historical center and the old harbor in the center of the city.

The first two days of our raid through the island's north coast from east to west and offers varied landscapes and composed of hills, valleys, rivers and wetlands.

The varied geology consists of slate, sandstone, quartz, dolomite limestone gray, reddish or ocher clay offer a palette of amazing colors. The northern beaches are varied, with different colored sand and thick sometimes embellished with large round stones.

These two days, physical enough offer a fun ride but also technical alternating small climbs and descents in a small frantic pace !! Overnight stays are in hotels in charmand small villages.

Day 2: Distance: 42kms Descent: 695m

Day 3: Distance: 59kms Descent: 1050m

The next two days we are crossing from west to east by the island's southern coast formed by limestone and sandstone, offering brighter colors and a flat topography and homogenous than the north. However, the southern half of the island is crossed by numerous deep ravines giving character to the singles-tracks of beauty. Unlike the north, the coast is less cut and wild beaches of fine white sand and surrounded by pine forests abound.

An adventure to browse much of the island's coastline on single-track in most playful and through almost all the ecosystems of the Mediterranean world.

Day 4: Distance: 38kms Descent: 400m

Day 5: Distance: 45kms Descent: 470m

Day 6: End of the stay and departure: This is ja free day or return after breakfast, we will go up the bikes and each rally the airport by bus to catch his flight.

Rate at 1 January 2016:

Departure guaranteed from 4 participants: 6 days / 5 nights / 699 € ttc pers

Extra night with breakfast: 1 night + breakfast / 35 € ttc pers

Enduro Bike Rental: 4 days / 150 € ttc pers

Transportation bag Rental bike A/R: 50 € ttc

Airline ticket A / R: from 165 €
(Reserved 3 months in advance from Barcelona € 65 + bike transportation Vueling 100 € A / R according to the company.) Ask for fares from the airport nearest to you.

See practical information for bike transport.

Registration form here

Minimum level required:
Biker insider, you love above all the steering. Comfortable on varied terrain you are able to ride 4-6 h / day, several days maintaining a beatific smile.
You prefer the route with the single, even the rise, even down punctually bike.

Accommodation: In hotel accommodation comfort.

Portage and assistance:
Please note, this is a roaming raid ie that all our belongings are with us in the backpack. Check out the different items in practical information where you will find tips to help you prepare. (To his backpack, my tools, choose the tires, the bike transport by air, food ATV)

The price includes: Hotel accommodation, support and advice from a qualified instructor status, mechanical support, making a photo album for each participant.

The price does not include: drinks and meals and all personal expenses, cultural site visits, cycling, individual technical equipment, snacks and food shopping, travel / R to join the trip, insurance individual Liability and Rapatriement.et somehow all that is not indicated in "the rate includes".

Warning: Stay feasible from 4 people. Depending on seasonality and availability, the accommodation of price can vary so it is important to book your stay in advance.

A little culture…

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Valencia in Spain and comprises five main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Cabrera, Ibiza and Formentera.

In summer, Menorca is a hot, dry island with dominant ocher. The contrast is striking when you see the lush greenery that covers the island the rest of the year.

The climate of Menorca is typically Mediterranean: warm, with dry summers and rainy winters with mild temperatures.
The Cami de Cavalls (GR 223) is a historical trail of 185 km which makes the Menorca route along the coast. At the time, customs and military watched any incursions from the sea from their horses.

Menorca island of 700 square kilometers of private tourist destiny, continued agricultural use based primarily on livestock. It officially has 468 small farms with thick, whitewashed walls with lime, whose agricultural areas rarely exceed a hundred hectares.

The number of farmers is increasing. Some even come from neighboring islands to work the exceptional terroir Menorcan: a southern exposure, soil rich in trace elements drained by the sea, but also a microclimate that ensures, on the south and west coasts, abundant rainfall in winter. The north wind brings beneficial moisture for the growth of grapes. Olive oil is appreciated by many top chefs for its fine flavor.

Today, Minorca products, highly qualitative, are just starting to export. This is the case of cheese, fashion, luxury costume jewelry, leather fashion accessories, luxury shoes and famous avarques.

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All Mountain Menorca Baléares (6 days)

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