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Endur'Oriental the Biivouac XXL (3/4/5/6/7 days)


The Endur'Oriental is a BIIVOUAC XXL, a crossing of the Eastern Pyrenees in enduro mode by a medle of the most beautiful singles-tracks Catalans, in 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days with a final in southern Catalonia.

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Endur'Oriental, in the footsteps of Biivouac in XXL formula



The Endur'Oriental is a BIIVOUAC XXL, a crossing of the Eastern Pyrenees in enduro mode by a medle of the most beautiful singles-tracks Catalans, in 3, 4, 5 or 6 days with a final in southern Catalonia.









This stay, which we have been fine-tuning for several years, served as a basis for the 2016 Biivouac Pyrénées Orientales enduro team enduro race for the Wildtrack organization.
Lodging in lodging or hotel and good tables selecctionnées by our care ...
Starting the tires in the snow to get the buttocks in the water make this enduro trip an exceptional and memorable trip ...



To make this crossing possible, we will meet you at Argelés sur mer the day before departure between 5pm and 7pm. After having loaded the luggage and the bikes on the trailer, we will join a small village of Cerdagne where we will spend the night in a hotel offering a very good table.



Day 1: Little ride in Cerdagne


This broad valley occupies the basin of an ancient lake of glacial origin. Its uniform relief has qualified it as plain, but it is here a "high plain" located at an average altitude of 1,200 meters




La Borne 7.5kms + 0m -939m: After a good breakfast, departure for the first stage rather fast playful to become a little more technical on the end with choices of lines very open ...




The granites: 7kms + 130m -530m In the wake, we will leave for the SP2 in a splendid setting to ride a mini special super fun in the middle of large blocks of granite and surprising enough making this portion unavoidable ...




The Forest of Guils: 7.8kms + 70m - 670m Once down, we will return to Guils where we browse a secret spot Cerdans riders. A drink in Llivia, the Spanish enclave and tapas (in France!) Then return to the hotel.


 Day 2: Crossing the Conflent


The Col de la Perche separates Cerdagne from Conflent. Geographically the Conflent corresponds to the high and medium valleys of Têt (which is classified country of art and history) and its surroundings between Rodès and Mont-Louis (which bears this name in honor of King Louis XIV). The Conflent is dominated by Canigou and its capital is Prades.



Part of the region is included in the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees which also has nine ski resorts, two Vauban citadels classified as World Heritage by UNESCO and two spas. It is crossed right through by the Yellow Train, which runs since 1910 the 62 km between Villefranche-de-Conflent and Latour-de-Carol.



The Rolls: 24kms + 390m -1270m We will leave in the morning by minibus to join the fortified village of Mont Louis. Located at the natural crossroads of Cerdagne, Capcir and Conflent, Mont-Louis is the gateway to a multi-faceted territory. We will start this long day with a link of 1h typical All-Mountain on fun trails.



After walking along a beautiful stream in the Canadian scenery, through bucolic woods and meadows, we begin a small climb of 15 minutes on a road to resume a track turning into a single-track very pleasant to ride to the starting point. of the enduro part.



We leave for 16 km of recreational descent offering a fabulous panorama over the valley of the conflent. After some hairy pins the route becomes more and more stony and arid with a floor of Mediterranean vegetation reminding us of the proximity with the latter.



The suite is on a long path in balcony where the big calves will be happy to send big raises. Once arrived in Olette, we will load the bikes to reach a small hamlet at 1000m altitude to picnic with a magical view of the valley of the conflent and Canigou.



The Classic: 11kms + 0m -850m We leave by minibus to continue a little climbing and drop everyone for a digestive track link and trail about 40 minutes. From there, we will tackle the descent of a very pretty valley where we will overhang then go along a river. Sometimes fun, technical and rocky course this track is really at the top.



Back to the hotel and well deserved meal.


Day 3: The Conflent suite and end...


Hot water 13kms + 238m -1097m: Always in the optics of rider the most beautiful singles-tracks, we leave for a run varied and long enough or we will cross very different sections on a slope sometimes slippery ... We will pass at the hot springs where we can relax from our two days of riding before leaving for the end of the run. 



Fortress 14kms + 190m -1040m: After a good meal in a good "country bistro", we leave by minibus for an ascent of about 35 minutes and drop everyone for a link on the track and trail in balcony of great beauty wedged between steep cliffs and the valley making this section a bit dizzying.



After a superb course always in balcony with multiple technical passages, we will join a plateau where the speed maintained by multiple raises will stick you the banana in term of fast and playful piloting !! After a good ten minutes of pure attack we continue the descent on the fortified village alternating fields of stones, flow in the forest then we will finish in beauty by a good series of pins between which you will be able to reach your maximum speed until the strong castle .



A partir de cette section touristique et trés fréquentée nous finissons tranquillement au magnifique village médievale pour boire une petite pinte de Cap d'Ona rafraichissante et contempler le génie de Vauban qui su adapter les défenses de la cité à son identité géographique et qui a vallu à ce village l'inscription en juillet 2008 sur la liste du Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO.



The 6.7kms + 140m -670m fording tower: On the way to a truck climb to the next special stage. A "hearty" climb but brief pedal before launching on a course in the spirit of the day, sometimes stony, steep, fast and fun, a fair amount of driving and fun ...
Evening and restaurant in the small village of Vernet baths before going to sleep in a hotel in the village.


Day 4: Rest day


Riding 6 days in a row is physically demanding and it is wise to spend a day off to recharge the batteries. You can enjoy the beach, make a beauty of your bike, practice the art of napping, visit one of the many cultural sites to see in the Pyrenees Orientales, taste and fill up with local products, or make a hike between sea and mountains.


Day 5 : Discovery of Vallespir


The high Tech Valley, whose course can be traced back to Prats de Mollo la Preste, offers an exceptional course of valleys and gorges. It reigns on this valley a micro-climate very influenced by the relief.



It brings together a group of villages on both sides of the Tech, in unspoilt nature in low and medium mountains.


The characteristic of Haut Vallespir is the richness of its heritage and its remarkable environment (forests, nature reserves, hiking trails, natural sites, gorges ...)

Pestle 5.4kms + 0m - 948m: Between rocky dales, pins and lush vegetation, this wild run is definitely worth the detour, a medle of driving that will take us to the edges of Tech or a small splash is allowed in season .. .





Mined ground: 8.5kms + 91m -709m This very varied trail is one of the fastest on its first part; After having copiously released the brakes, it will be on the end be careful because it gets a little complicated ...

El Quintans: 3kms + 0m -462m Sometimes technical and fun and fast, this run is complicated on the end and announces the meal break.



Colorado Catalan 10.7kms + 100m -1090m: A technical and exotic run in an "American ride" atmosphere with long freeride sections on the rocks, a real treat !!




 Day 6: From Neoulous peak to Cadaqués


The chain of Albères is a rugged massif, cut deep valleys framed by peaks some of which culminate at more than 1200 meters above sea level. Today 45% wooded, this mountain offers a wide variety of landscapes.

Maxivalanche 8.5kms -1100m: Deposition by minibus to 1240m for a maximum downhill first fun with flow where we will cross a forest of ash, birch, hazel and chestnut. Arriving on the foothills of the massif, covered with Mediterranean vegetation, the ride becomes more technical with pins and passages sorting crossing areas of green oak and cork oak ... The competitors of Biivouac PO 2016 still remember this complete run !!



It's time to eat at the chalet Albère, well known hikers for its good food and its positioning on the crossing of the Pyrenees ...



Megavalanche: We will then switch to our Spanish neighbors, always starting from the 1240m altitude peak Neoulous to ride the longest special we knew with almost 23kms of ride on almost 1700m of negative and 400 positive! Very fast single-tracks in balcony and crest on an ocher earth wait for us down ... a complete run!



Above the beech forest, open pastures where small cows "massanaises", semi-wild cattle breed, come to graze in summer.
At this altitude, we sometimes find the snow and the jacket is de rigueur; But fortunately the descent started, the mediterranean sweetness returns quickly ...



From 600 meters altitude we will cross a precious beech forest classified natural reserve since 1973.

Dali'rocks: Once down after an hour and a half ride, we will make a transfer by minibus to Cadaquès where we wait for a descent on rocky slabs between stone walls and prickly pear trees to arrive in the center of the village and start a well deserved evening of rest ...



The night: If the state of the troops allows it, we will leave for a night special (lights provided) about 1 hour on an All Mountain route to lead to a beautiful ... magical cove.  



Installation in a comfortable apartment to take a shower and get ready for a well-deserved tapas aperitif and dinner in an exceptional setting ...  





Jour 7 : In the footsteps of Dalienduro


The "All Mountagne": Transfer by minibus to the starting point to start on a single-track of madness combining speed and driving then we will leave for the cape of Creus join the van by a route in balcony or will alternate and driving against sumptuous panoramas for arrival in a cove in a wild atmosphere.



El Pueblo Tipico: After a quick splash (in season) or a coffee break, departure for a connection and then an enduro course by which we will join a lovely pueblo to picnic on the beach.



Copa: To attack the afternoon in style, we will join an imposing monastery where depending on the state and level of troops, we will be entitled to two or three bonuses to choose ...

To join another small typical Puerto with a descent full of pins, supports and rocks of all kinds.



Minimum level required:
Insider biker, you love driving.
At ease on varied terrain you are able to roll 4 to 6 hours / day, several days in a row while maintaining a smug smile.
You prefer the courses with the single, even on the climb, even if you want to go down a bike.



Accomodation and food:
Comfortable collective accommodation full board ... Good tables and good mood! Picnics lunch with fresh products.
Portage and assistance :
Your personal belongings are transported by the assistance. A small backpack is enough to ride (necessary repair, picnic). A mobile workshop, a stock of parts and a mountain mule are loaded into the assistance.



Rates 1:   7 days 8 nights hotel full board   

Group consisting of:
4 participants                1445€ ttc pers                   
5 participants                1299€ ttc pers 
6 participants                1209€ ttc pers 
7 participants                1125€ ttc pers 



Rates 2:   7 days 6 nights hotel full board
Group consisting of:
4 participants                1355€ ttc pers 
5 participants                1209€ ttc pers 
6 participants                1119€ ttc pers 
7 participants                1035€ ttc pers 



Extra night with breakfast:
1night + breakfast              45€ ttc pers                    
Rent enduro bike :
Half day :                             30€ttc pers
Day :                                    40€ttc pers



For another term or a special request ask us for a quote.



The price includes:
The transport of luggage, transfers to the different starting points by minibus with driver, the accompaniment and the advice of a state-licensed instructor, 8 nights (rate 1) or 6 nights (rate 2) of accommodation in comfortable apartment including also the one of the day before your arrival and departure, breakfasts (including the day of rest), lunch*, picnic and dinner from the 1st to the last day Including evening meal arrival and departure eve in the rate in the 7 days / 8 nights. Mechanical assistance and the loan of lighting so nocturnal. The loan of a lighting. * Except the meals of the day of rest so that you are free of your movements.



Rate does not include:
The activities and *meals of the day of rest, the visits of cultural sites, the drinks of the aperitifs and the meals and all personal expenses, the mountain bike, individual technical equipment, mechanical parts in case of breakage, snacks and food of races, trip A / R to join the stay, the individual insurance Civil liability and repatriation and in a way all that is not indicated in "the rate includes".
Tarif 2: (6 nights) the nights and the meals of the day before your arrival and your departure with their breakfasts.



Stay feasible from 4 people. Depending on their availability, the price of accommodation may vary so it is important to book your stay in advance.









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