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My backpack bag roaming


Riding with an overloaded backpack can cause various annoyances such as the irony of the buttocks, imbalances and fatigue pross. You will need a backpack of minimum 20-25 liters of capacity with an effective maintenance. It is better to think about the composition of your bag for the roaming raid and to hunt for excess weight:

- a water bag and / or a water bottle and / or cans on the bike (3L / day / person minimum)
- racing food (energy bars, dried fruits ...)
- the basic repair material for your ATV (see
"my tools")
- a windbreaker (raincoat)
- the picnic
- a lamp
- a knife
- sunscreen (+ protection for the lips)
- toilet paper
- a pharmacy (see below)
- your mobile phone

Necessary for the evening: You must take only the essential !!
- a meat bag (for stays in a gîte)
- Lightweight trousers or type tracksuit
- a pair of light shoes for evening or flip-flops
- a polar
- underpants and socks
- a small toiletry bag (a microfiber towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste will suffice) think about the weight !!
- Your shower gel or soap will be used as detergent if necessary.

Pilot equipment:
- mountain bike helmet (mandatory!)
- ATV gloves
- Sun glasses
- suitable shoes (no smooth soles)
- shorts or shorts with built-in shorts
- Breathable t-shirt (avoid cotton)

Do not provide any protections that could be harmful to you. You will need to adopt a safe steering and be careful.

In order to avoid the production of unnecessary waste at the time of the picnic, consider taking with you:
- a hermetic plastic box (0.5L) with initials marked on lid and box + wide elastics.
- reusable cutlery (fork and pocket knife)

The monitor has a first aid kit, however, it is essential to bring a personal pharmacy consisting of:

- disinfectant
- gauze in individual bag
- sticking plaster
- protective cream for the buttocks
- your personal medications
- micropur tablets (disinfectant for water)
- a survival blanket

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