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How to transport your bike by plane?

If you have to fly with your bike, a specific bag is a must!

  • Firstly because it will be effectively protected during handling sometimes "muscular" in airports.
  • Also because you can lock with locks or collar risland your bike and avoid a possible flight.
  • On the other hand, you can put some of your equipment (helmet, shoes, protections ...) with the bike and save space in your travel bag.
  • Remember to also store your tools, knife or forceps prohibited in the cabin on the plane.
  • Beware your luggage in the hold is limited to 23 kgs and the bike bag is limited to 32 kgs max. A surcharge of 12 € per kg extra can be asked at the counter to weigh bags and some hostesses can be very litigious!
  • If you go on a roaming tour in total autonomy (no transport of luggage in a truck), you will be able to have only your backpack in hand luggage on the plane.
  • Finally it is much easier to move with his bike with this type of bag equipped with wheels and handles because they are very well balanced. For testing the cardboard bike and bag without roulette, I assure you that it is a very big galley to carry especially if you have to run to catch a plane or if your hotel is located 2 kms on foot!


You will simply need to disassemble the wheels, deflate the tires and suspensions (because of the altitude), put some wedges between the brake pads, disassemble the pedals, take out the hanger from the stem and fix it on the pad provided for and That's it !


Do not forget to put the necessary tools with the pedals in the bag to ride the bike once there.


If you have tubeless tires, have a CO2 cartridge to inflate your tubeless once on the spot or you will have to find compressed air in a service station to re-slam your tires. .


Several brands offer solid and successful products like Evoc, YTwo or Scott from 119 € and up to 399 € for the most successful.




Evoc bag



Ytwo bag


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