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E-Dalienduro l'Xtrem-Ebike Catalan


The Dalienduro formula "Xtrem E-bike" is an itinerant VTTAE stay aimed at technical riders, whom we guide on the most beautiful trails between the Vermeille coast and the Costa Brava.

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Dali All-mountain Xtrem-Ebike
Dalienduro l' Xtrem-Ebike catalan


Two days of climbs and descents only on single tracks with your VTTAE always in a Catalan atmosphere of "Sangria tapas" ...


You may already know our Dalienduro from Collioure in Cadaques, an itinerant and muscular endurotrip that we have shared for almost 10 years with many enduro bikers; This endurotrip between Vermeille coast and Costa Brava deserved its electric version!



This version Xtrem E-bike is a very sporty formula of the E-bike in the image of the Xtreme moto enduro races. We use VTTAE to reach the wildest tracks ...



To reach Collioure in Cadaquès, many organizations offer courses mainly comprising tracks or the road. At Bikehorizon, we do not conceive of riding in E-bike by the track apart in exceptional circumstances! Our long experience and our knowledge of the slightest trail in the region has allowed us to concoct a real mountain technical, fun and consistent ...



Lovers of courses on trails and climbs steep and technical, this Xtrem E-bike Collioure Cadaquès formula is a sporting challenge composed solely of climbs on paths, balconies, crêtes and descents on single-tracks. A few small pushes and a small portage are worthy of note!



To do this, we reopened trails with little traffic and facilitated some passages to make them feasible "on the bike" (9 days of work were necessary). It is clear that going for this kind of "Muscle Bike" route is a raid and involves a lot of portages.



Testimony of a participant: "The course is aptly named because it's hard and sporty but everything passes, it's real VTTAE... at times you think you're alone in the world and the panoramas are magnificent..."



Day 1 is about 2200m of elevation for 42kms.
Day 2 is about 1600m of elevation for 30kms.
Day 3 is about 1700m of elevation for 35kms.



The consumption of the bikes being superior to the rise on track because of the frequent use of the most powerful modes, we evaluated after several markings the charging points on the course.




We will recharge the batteries at the time of the meal. It is necessary to have a charger in the bag with a power strip and an extension cord (one for 3 or 4 if you are a group). Notament for bikes whose battery does not come off.



Loving to discover a territory and its traditions, we will take advantage of these "stops recharge" to satiate pilots by making you discover good tables with typical dishes.

*Meals are not included in the price of the stay.


We tested the range on this course with drivers of max 80kgs in Bosch, Shimano and Rocky. The Yamaha will pass easily. More than 90kgs can take a second battery as a precaution. 




During the travel we will join Cadaquès, passing by beautiful "Catalan pueblo" and we will spend the first night in one of them. 



The second night takes place in Cadaques where we can reminisce about our journey over a good Catalan meal and then over a good Mojito!



On the third day we will overlook the Côsta Brava where after going to look for beautiful courses in the ridges, we will leave by the sea and always with a good dose of beautiful single tracks. At the end of the day, the 9-seater minibus will take us back to Argelès. So max 7 participants for this adventure.





Accommodation in Hotel or apartment with breakfast included.
Meals (lunch and dinner) are not included. Anticipate 20 € / meal on average. Good food and Catalan gastronomy! Breakfast is included in the price.
Portage and assistance :
Your personal belongings must be carried in your bag. A backpack of 20-30L is required (repair kit, extra garment, brush and toothpaste, swimsuit, flip flops, spare parts, strap, charger, power strip, extension drink, bars or gel) More info right here.



Group consisting of 4 to 7 participants:
2 days / 1 night              210€ ttc pers                   
3 days / 2 nights             290€ ttc pers
Extra night with breakfast:
1night + breakfast              45€ ttc pers                    
Rent Vttae enduro :
Day :                    40€ttc pers
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Dali All-mountain Xtrem-Ebike

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